7 Ways to Make your Custom Cupcake Boxes Exciting for Your Business

13 Mar

Why do you need stylish cupcake boxes when all that matter is security of these cakes?

Well, printing on these does matter if you are looking from the professional point of view.

A friend of mine has just started baking cupcakes at home and she started them for the business point of view. All she really wanted is to make cupcakes at her home and then deliver them to the places of her clients. Though they taste delicious but she has used some of the very interesting techniques to make her clients permanent and regular. While researching for the best custom-made boxes, we come across so many queries that were not answered and people are really looking out for them in the market. So, here in this blog I have tried to make things clear for you, for your convenience.

  • 24 cupcakes boxes:

The number of cupcakes you are going to put in these cupcake packaging boxes depends on size. If you have seen many of the bakers put cupcakes in 24 12 and 6 forms. Well, individual cupcake boxes are also available but that also vary in the sizes. If you are taking these cupcakes with you to a party. Usually all of them are customized according to the theme of the party. You might have seen most of the party muffins are sprinkled on the top in order to keep the elegant touch. So, to keep such outer layer of icing safe, custom cupcake boxes are best. They can be added with the inserts so that your cupcakes do not collide with each other and does not get damaged. Cardboard inserts are preferable as that helps in keeping the boxes light weight and separated at the same time.

  • Printed cupcake boxes:

Well, when it comes to printing these Custom Cupcake Boxes, it is the best way to advertise your brand. All you have to do is to get your logo design ready along with the calorie count of your cupcakes and send it to the best printing and packaging company. They will print that on the box or some of the best printing and packaging companies like Printcosmo printing and packaging company provides free art work and design assistance for your products. So, you can get your designs ready from there and then use them on the boxes. It is perfect for promotions as that has everything written on it and your clients will know where to find you in the hour of need.

  • Cupcake boxes wholesale for birthdays:

It has become custom for most of the occasion that you have to get these cupcakes customized and for that purpose you need the outlook impressive and elegant. And for that you need to keep them separate from each other and from the top. While selecting cupcake boxes wholesale for birthdays here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Cardboard must interlock into one another properly.
  • Like other food packaging boxes, they must have food grade lamination to protect.
  • Cupcake boxes wholesale with the die cut window on the top to look for the quality from outside.
  • Strength of the cardboard matters too.

  • Individual cupcake boxes:

Since most of the people out there look for the customize cupcake boxes that are for single serving. So, to make that convenient for the clients you can get single box with the die cut window on the top. You can get these individual cupcake boxes in Kraft paper or in the cardboard sheet that is printed. The structure of these Custom Made Boxes for cupcake remains same. But when in comes to single serving, you can use flip lid or you can use small flap to open up the box.

  • Die cut window on the lid:

As I have explained above the die cut window on the top of the lid is necessary. Not obligatory but sine these cupcakes come under the category of fancy cakes and they are well decorated, so they should be well presentable as well. You can have these die cut window on the top of the lid so that your clients can see them from outside and get to know the quality of the cupcakes without getting them first.

  • Customize cupcake boxes:

Well, there are different events that have different customized cupcakes for their event. But there are certain events that are obvious and that will come somehow. So, to make these events special for your customers you can customize cupcake boxes as per your wish. For instance, February is the month when valentine is celebrated, so you can put the die cut hearts on your cupcake packaging boxes. Similar to this, during the holidays season you can choose the theme or colors of winter to show the occasion. Such way, you can create innovative boxes without getting yourself stuck with a lot of ideas.

  • Manufacturing techniques:

When it comes to manufacturing of these cupcake boxes you need to look keenly at all the printing and packaging services one company is providing. After that make a decision and go for it. I have chosen Printcosmo for making the best Custom Cake Boxes and shortest turnaround here is what I will recommend you people too.

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